Dr.Sanjana Sainani

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Gynecologist and Laparoscopic & Hysteroscopic Surgeon

Dr.Sanjana Sainani

  • MBBS  Sep 2005 — June 2010 (NKP Salve Institute Medical Sciences, Nagpur)
  • MS (OBGY) June  2011 — May 2014 (NKP Salve Institute Medical Sciences, Nagpur)
  • FMIGS (Fellowship in Minimal Invasive Gynaec Surgery and Hysteroscopy (MUHS university) 1st Batch Oct 2015 — Nov 2016 (Galaxy Care Laparoscopy Institute, Pune)

Key Skills

  • Performed successfully Lap Total Hysterectomy in various simple as well as previous one scar cases.
  • Performed Lap adhesiolysis in cases of prev scar and dense adhesions.
  • Performed Lap Myomectomy , ovarian cystectomies, chocolate cyst removal.
  • Performed Lap pararectal , paravesical spaces dissection along with Lap Lymph node dissection in various cases.
  • Performed various diagnostic and Operative Hsyteroscopies and Lap in cases of infertility.
  • Performed various Office hysteroscopies with endometrial biopsies in cases of AUB and targeted biopsies in endometrial cancer.
  • Assisted Lap Radical Hysterectomies in cases of Ca cervix and ca ovary.
  • Assisted various Lap VVF and UVF repairs.
  • Performed colposcopies.
  • Assisted Various Hysteroscopic procedures like polyp removal, myomectomies, Asherman’s synd.
  • Assisted rare cases like Lap radical trachelectomy, Mulerian Anomalies, vulvectomy


  • Performed Caesarean section in cases of prev 3 caesarean sections with dense adhesions, endometriosis.
  • Performed LSCS in varioud High risk pregnancies in GDM, PIH, Eclampsia.
  • Performed Office Hysteroscopic removal of RPOC’s in cases of incomplete abortion.
  • Performed uterine artery and internal iliac artery ligation in cases of PPH.
  • Perfromed Lap Tubal ligation ,lap Ectopic surgeries.
  • Performed various LSCS and other minor procedures.

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